The Luck of the Irish

Five days ago I began the Super Green Detox – a powdered mix of wheatgrass, green tea extract, maca root, chia seeds, omega 3, and other healthy things. I have been blending it up with fresh fruit and drinking them every day. I mixed today’s shake with banana, avocado, and unsweetened almond milk and it was so indulgent! Anyway, I have been posting my smoothie creations on Instagram¬†with the hashtag #WinSuperEleven in order to, well, win some more.

My Great-Grandparents were from Ireland. In fact, my Great-Granddad ‘s surname was Finneran and he worked for Guinness – can’t get much more Irish than that! My Irish heritage certainly came in useful today because I WON!

I’ve won a 60 day supply of the detox powder. I must have the luck of the Irish on my side. I suppose now would be the time for me to buy a lottery ticket.

After the good news I got my steps on and headed out for a looonnnng walk on my lunch break. I made it over 10,000 steps again according to my Fitbit Flex.

All in all, a pretty good day!


What A Bleach

I woke up much more positive this morning. One of the first things I saw was this…

… which obviously set me up for the day.

Lunch was a Super 11 Shakes smoothie with blueberries, and a side of blueberries and yoghurt. I’m worried I may turn into a blueberry soon.

I met my step goal of 10,000 (woohoo) which was helped by having a late afternoon coffee and becoming a cleaning machine when I got home from work. Being the (un)domestic goddess that I am, I managed to get bleach on my brand new black top. But at least I have a sparkling kitchen and bathroom!



Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater

Monday. Gah.

My day started late as I slept through my alarm (that’s what I get for staying up late in defiance of work) and had to hastily get ready for work. Of course this means there was no time for breakfast but I did manage to bag up my smoothie maker and a mountain of fruit for a ‘deskfast’. In my haste I put on the first pair of shoes I could find, which happened to be a brand new pair that hadn’t been even remotely broken in. Oh my, the pain!


Once I had guzzled my smoothie I headed into health and safety training. I struggled to keep my eyes open. Monday. Gah. Again. By lunch my feet felt like they were being sawn in two and so I made a short trip to New Look for the softest pair of shoes I could find. Unbelievably, I found some in my size and slipped them on. Bliss!

As I headed back to the office my saviours started to pinch. I got blisters on my blisters.

After work, I went to visit the in-laws thinking I would get a free meal. Until I was asked “So, what are you having for dinner?” Cue cheeseburger on the way home.

Oh well, one cheat meal after a decent weigh in isn’t the end of the world. I’m hoping when I wake up in the morning I will be in a much better mood and have a much better day.

Goodnight x

Weighing It Up

I used to use this little slice of internet to write about my excuses for not losing weight, and for completing seven days of exercise – once. From May to August 2014 I lost seven lbs. With a starting weight of 17 stone and 10 lbs that wasn’t really much to shout about and so I stopped writing.

As a new years resolution I began a shiny new blog, one that I had bought a domain name and web hosting space for with the hope it would keep me more accountable for my weight loss, one where I could write about all of my passions.

What it lacks is daily accountability.

That is where I am hoping this blog will step in. For daily updates towards my goals. An online diary of sorts, although more 2015.

On January 1st 2015 I weighed in at exactly 17 stone. By January 1st 2016 I want to weigh 100 lbs less. Today I weighed 16 stone and 10.8 lbs. That’s a loss of 3.2 lbs, and keeps me on track to lose the lbs on time.